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Total Energies Metal Cutting Gaz

High-performance and low-cost metal cutting

Total Energies strives to provide our customers with products that are more economical, reliable, and cleaner. We do this by constantly innovating and updating. Total Energies launched Total Energies, a new product used for metal cutting and other temperature-intensive applications.

Acetylene is one of the most commonly used fuel gases in metal cutting applications. However, because of its high flammability and difficult handling, customers are looking for alternatives.

Total Energies LPG Cutting Gas is safer than regular LPG and acetylene, with a higher cost reduction and brilliant performance. It was developed for energy-efficient Oxyfuel Cutting. This gas is a great choice for metalworkers, fabricators, and scrappers due to its high-cutting speed and a top-quality finish.

Total Energies LPG Cutting Gas has exceptional properties. It is safe and non-toxic. It has high flame temperature and high heat input, making it industrially viable. It has a low backfire tendency and stable shock sensitivity. The increased cutting speed of Total Energies LPG Cutting Gas contributes to greater productivity and proficiency. Total Energies LPG Cutting Gas is also more fuel-efficient and, therefore, cost-effective. It also consumes less oxygen than other Oxyfuel Cutting Gas mediums. These are all factors that make Total  Energies LPG Cutting Gas an excellent match for Oxyfuel Cutting.

Total Energies is a trusted and thoughtful brand that promotes safety as a core value, not a priority. Total Energies strives to be a leader in safety in the industry.

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