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The dangers of running your car on low engine oil

Cars are complex machines that are constructed from many different components. These components work together to ensure a smooth experience. The engine oil is one of the most important components. It acts as the heartbeat for your vehicle. GoMechanic’s Speed, Mileage and RaceMax engine oils will ensure that your car’s engine is in top shape. No matter which oil you use, it is important to make sure that your engine stays in good condition no matter what. Have you ever wondered what happens to your vehicle if it is running on low engine oil? We have the answer.

Potentially Damaging Friction

Your motor oil’s primary function is to provide lubrication for your engine as it runs. Without it, critical components of your engine can experience excessive friction that could lead to engine failure. In the absence of any lubricating agents, parts subject to high momentum will experience excessive wear, which can lead to engine failures you don’t want.

Reduces Fuel Efficiency
Your motor oil also serves another important function: it removes harmful deposits from your engine. This will ensure that your engine runs efficiently and produces maximum power. If you run low on oil, there is a chance that your engine will become clogged up with too many deposits. This can have a negative effect on your engine’s efficiency and power output.

Causes Your Engine To Overheat

The radiator coolant cools most vehicle components. However, engine oil also cools parts that aren’t reach by the radiator coolant. These components include key components found inside the engine. It is possible that your vehicle’s oil level is low, which can lead to engine heat-up, which could cause irreparable and irreversible damage.

Corrosion and engine rust are the main causes

Motor oil provides lubrication, cooling, and prevents corrosion by creating a layer of oil on the engine’s critical components. If this layer is absent, your engine could become corroded and rusty.

Degrades Overall Performance

The seal between the piston of the cylinder and the engine oil is created when there’s enough. This seal can be broken if there isn’t enough engine oil. This will result in a significant reduction in performance.

Lowers engine health

A low-quality motor oil can lead to engine damage. Inadequate supply of engine oil can lead to engine damage. Your engine will become more damaged if it has less friction or cools down faster.

Your Engine will die

You can cause engine damage by driving your car with low oil. You read that correctly. If you ignore the essential functions of engine oil, your engine will suffer abuse that can’t be reversed. Your entire vehicle will become junk if your engine fails to perform the above-mentioned functions.
These are the 7 dangers of using low-grade motor oil. We recommend that you change your engine oil every other month. Make sure you choose Racemax, Mileage, or Speed engine oils from GoMechanic Spares. GoMechanic Spares offers premium quality spares designed to complement your vehicle.

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