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Do you own any automotive and you are yearning for a better lubricating product? Well, in most cases, we try out various products because we are after an excellent performance. Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the conventional oils, and you are looking for a solution. Therefore, if you have not tried out synthetic lubricants, then this is your opportunity. Various kinds of synthetic lubricants are found in the market today. Most people prefer them because of their quality and performance. Therefore, let us look into detail more about synthetic lubricants.

What are synthetic lubricants made of?

Well, to start us off, synthetic lubricants offer your superior performance and protection because it has highly refined base oils than conventional mineral oils. There are two types of lubricants which include: synthetic lubricants which are more prevalent in the market and traditional mineral oils. These two types are extracted from the crude oil .However the difference comes in in the processing. Synthetic oil is more refined, thus making them purer than the other mineral oils and better use for car services. During the processing, more impurities are removed from the crude oil, which enables oil molecules to be tailored to satisfy the demands of modern engines.
Additionally, they are artificially made from chemical compounds such as poly-alpha -olefin, which is a polymer. This chemical compound is used as a base stock in the production of synthetic lubricants. Esters can also be used due to their excellent lubricity.

These synthetic lubricants work best because they can cope with extreme conditions irrespective of which modern engine you are using. They are also free-flowing than the other mineral oils, which makes it very efficient when circulating to prevent wearing of lubricated parts.
It also helps the engine to reach its peak operating efficiency better than the other mineral oils. Additionally, they are eco-friendly because of their refined nature which implies there is less release of hydrocarbons to the environment. Besides, it offers excellent wear protection, viscosity stability, excellent low-temperature flow, improved performance, oxidation, and thermal stability.

What are synthetic oils used for?

Synthetic lubricants are popular than conventional lubricants because of the properties such as outstanding thermal stability, low friction features, wear and tear protection and massive load holding.
Therefore synthetic oils are best in gear oils, metalworking fluids, heat transfer fluids, and compressor oils for providing seal protection. It is also used in reducing component failure and increasing drain intervals.
Additionally, ester-based resistant oils are among the innovative technologies that have been incorporated into different sectors which have brought positive impacts to the synthetic lubricant industry.

What is synthetic grease?

Synthetic grease is a thickening substance that is found in the water-resistant form. They have been widely used in rotating equipment for applications involving loads and speeds extreme synthetic greases are becoming more preferred options for components and bearings since it meets medium duty requirements. Their popularity is fast growing because of their availability in new formulations and products. They are now offered with additional consistencies and viscosities for broader range applications. This type of grease uses silicone which is synthetic lubricants, and it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Therefore most automotive owners prefer synthetic greases for their daily use. It is available widely in the market, and soon it is going to dominate over the petroleum-based lubricants.

Is synthetic oil better?

There have been discussions all over which one is better between synthetic oil and conventional mineral oil. Well, synthetic oil is far much better because it uses high-quality base oils when you compare it to the other oils. The inconveniences that conventional oils had such as losing protective qualities because it breaks down easily, oxidizes and acidify quickly and being less stable have been dealt with by using synthetic oil.
Ideally, synthetic oil provides better protection and engine performance. You will get to enjoy additional benefits such as:-
· It controls oil breakdown
· It combats sludge and deposits build-up
· It offers protection against high temperatures
· It reduces wear


Synthetic lubricants are the ultimate option if you are looking for better performance. Well, Redline Oil is offering a complete range of these synthetic lubricants and fuel additives to ensure you enjoy efficiency gains and stunning levels of protection. A synthetic lubricant will meet your demands whether it is daily motoring, using farm equipment, heavy-duty truck and Earth moving machinery. Therefore don’t miss out on what the synthetic lubricants have to offer.

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