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Red Line Synthetic Oil Products Prepare Vehicles for Maximum Performance in Hot Weather Conditions

Vehicles need to be protected and maintained to keep running smoothly as the temperatures rise across the United States. Red Line Synthetic Oil is a market leader in performance lubricants and is proud to offer a range of products that will help cars run smoothly during the warm months. This high-performance, essential products will ensure a safe summer and prevent drivers from having to make unexpected trips to the mechanic. Red Line has a new Super Cool with Water Wetter, a High-Performance Line of Motor Oils from Red Line, and DOT 4RL-600 Brake Fluid.

Checking your vehicle’s coolant levels as temperatures rise in the summer is crucial to ensure that your car doesn’t heat up. Red Line’s new Super Cool coolant/antifreeze is designed to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and protect against rust and corrosion. SuperCool formulas are easily added to any brand or make of OEM antifreeze/coolant, so it’s easy to top up your coolant at home. Red Line’s SuperCool range includes Super Cool Performance (a 50/50 prediluted version that is ready to use) and SuperCool Concentrate (for those who prefer to make their water-to coolant ratio). Both products can be used in both classic and modern radiators and water pumps. Red Line’s classic additive water Wetter is for customers who enjoy warmer temperatures all year and don’t require freeze protection. Red Line has been helping owners and enthusiasts to take care of their cars’ cooling systems for over 25 years.

If the wrong oil viscosity is used or the product is unsuitable, hot weather can cause a car’s oil to become thinner. This could lead to reduced performance and possibly engine damage. Experts recommend slightly thicker oils to deal with the hot temperatures. Red Line oil products provide excellent wear protection and friction reduction in a variety of operating conditions.

Overheated brakes can cause malfunctions or even complete failure. Heat can cause damage to your brake pads and rotors. However, brake fluids in vehicles are also susceptible to heat. Red Line’s RL600 Brake Fluid has been engineered to keep viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures. It is important to have fresh brake fluid to ensure that braking systems can handle emergencies, casual driving, and summer traffic correctly.
Justin Johnson, Red Line Synthetic Oil’s Director of Sales, stated that customers should depend upon their vehicles in hot weather and enjoy their summer vacations. Red Line Synthetic Oil is proud to offer high-performance products that maintain vehicles at their best.

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