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Red Line Synthetic Oil Products Keep Cars Running Smoothly All Winter

Benicia (2020) As the temperatures drop, so do the chances of dealing with car problems. Red Line Synthetic Oil is a market leader in performance lubricants and is proud to offer a range of products that will help vehicles perform well during winter. This high-performance, essential products will ensure a worry-free winter for users and prevent them from having to make emergency visits to the mechanic. Red Line’s RL600 Brake Fluid, High-Performance Line of Motor Oils and SI-1 Complete Fuel Systems Cleaner are some products.

Motorists must rely on their vehicle’s brake system to safely and efficiently stop the vehicle in winter conditions. Red Line’s RL600 Brake Fluid has been engineered to keep its viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures. Changing the brake fluid is essential to ensure that braking systems work to their best and handle emergencies correctly.

Motor oil can be affected by cold weather, causing it to flow slower and putting a lot of strain on the engine. Experts recommend using lower viscosity oils to deal with the low temperatures this time of year. Red Line’s High-Performance line is available in 16 viscosities, including diesel-specific versions. This allows consumers to choose the right oil for their needs. Synthetic motor oils offer better protection and are more likely not to lose their viscosity in cold conditions. Red Line oil products provide excellent wear protection and friction reduction in a variety of operating conditions.

Red Line’s SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner removes harmful deposits and prevents new ones from forming inside injectors, carburettors and valves. It can clean up to 98% efficiency in just one treatment. Users will only need one bottle for each tank. SI-1 is less likely to cause cold start problems that are common during the winter months.

Red Line Synthetic Oil’s Marketing Director Kit Szwarcburg stated, “We recognize winter can be stressful so we work hard for our customers to rely on them in any situation.” Red Line Synthetic Oil offers a variety of products to suit different vehicle applications. We are certain that this will make winter driving more enjoyable.

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