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Iconic Red LIne Synthetic Oil Celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2019

Red Line Synthetic Oil is a leader in high-performance synthetic oils and additives. In 2019, the company will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The company has evolved from its roots in racing to offer professional and enthusiast product lines while staying true to its customers.

Red Line will celebrate its anniversary in 2019 by sponsoring more events than ever and driving more drivers. The SEMA Show, HyperFest and Sturgis Rally are some of the upcoming events. Red Line will host unique social activations and onsite events to thank its loyal customers over the past 40-years.

Dynamic duo

Red Line was founded in 1979 by Tim Kerrigan and Peter Filice in Novato, California. They created two-stroke racing oils. Filice and Kerrigan offered corrosion protection and rust prevention, which was a departure from other competitors’ products. After four years, they began to expand their business into fuel additives. Mercedes-Benz mechanics eventually approved the Diesel Fuel Additive to solve certain injector problems on certain models. Red Line’s Chief Chemistry Officer Roy Howell was hired in 1986. The company then developed innovative products such as WaterWetter(r), a coolant additive that was extensively used by NASCAR teams to lower temperatures and gain an edge on the track.

The logo today, with its checkered flag and checkered flag, represents the brand’s racing heritage. Red Line has been a high-quality product for its performance and protection. The brand gained popularity through word-of-mouth, and the racing community quickly adopted the innovative lubricants. Red Line sponsors everything, from NASCAR to drifting. Notable names include Jeff Gordon and Michael Essa.

Red Line was founded to supply racers with the best lubricants and has since expanded to offer this same quality to everyday drivers and enthusiasts. Red Line’s High Performance Motor Oils are made with the finest base oils and additives on the market to ensure they provide the best products for their customers. High-Performance Motor Oil, a fully synthetic formula, is recommended for enthusiasts who want the best quality and performance on dirt, tracks, or pavement.

Red Line Oil products have won me many races over the past 30 years, starting with my early days in motocross as a kid. Memo Gidley, a professional racing driver, stated that Red Line Oil products have been my choice ever since. Red Line Oil has a great line of products because it was started and managed by passionate racers with the ultimate goal of winning. Red Line is dedicated to quality products and hard work. Red Line has been my trusted partner for many years.

“I have been involved in auto racing for more than 20 years as a crew chief and mechanic, engine builder, professional driver, and crew chief. “I’ve tried many oils over the years and Red Line’s products have always been at the top” said Formula Drift Pro Driver Michael Essa. “I’m thrilled to continue working alongside Red Line during the 2019 season, and beyond!”

Red Line has proven to be innovative in expanding its product range while still maintaining high quality lubricants. Red Line’s Professional-Series motor oils are designed for professionals and customers who want to preserve their vehicle’s warranty. This line is unique because it has been approved by OEM/API and offers advanced wear protection while also reducing low-speed pre-ignition.

Michael Andrew, Director at Red Line Synthetic Oil, said that “We are very proud to have provided the automotive & powersports communities the highest quality lubricants over the past four decades.” “Over the years, we have expanded our product ranges to offer more racers and enthusiasts as well as everyday drivers the best products.” We look forward to celebrating our anniversary throughout this year, and we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their support over the years.


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