Engine Oil

How to check your car’s engine oil

One-minute investments can keep your car running smoothly and healthy.

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engines. Regular oil inspection is key to keeping your engine in good condition and getting the best mileage. Oil helps to keep the engine’s internal moving parts from getting too worn. The oil helps to keep the engine clean by preventing dirt buildup and keeps it from overheating.

It is quick and easy to check the oil level at each gas station. You will only need a paper towel or rag if you have any questions.

Check Engine Oil!

Check the owner’s guide and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Modern cars are equipped with electronic oil monitors, requiring manual inspection.

You can check the oil yourself by ensuring that the car is on level ground. Also, most cars have the engine cold, so you don’t burn yourself touching hot parts. The automaker may recommend checking oil once the engine is warmed up. Open the car’s hood to locate the dipstick. Take the dipstick from the engine. Wipe any oil from its ends. Next, insert the dipstick into the tube and push it back in.

Take it out again and look at the dipstick from both ends to find the oil. Each lipstick has a way to indicate the oil level. This could be two pinholes or the letters L (low and high) or just an area of crosshatching. The oil level is fine if the oil streak’s top is located between the two marks or within the crosshatched area.

However, if your oil level is lower than the minimum mark, it’s necessary to add oil according to the instructions below.

You should also check the oil’s colour. It should be dark brown or black. If it appears milky, it could signify that coolant has leaked into the engine. It would be best to look for metal particles as this could indicate internal engine damage. Take the vehicle to a mechanic if you notice any of these conditions for further diagnosis. You should have your car tow if you suspect a coolant leak.

Once everything is fine, wipe the dipstick clean and place it back in its tube. You’re done!

How to add oil

Use the recommended oil grade as indicated in the owner’s guide. You will see a label such as 0W-20, 5W-30 or both. The quart can purchase it at most service stations or auto-parts stores and many discounts and supermarket retailers.

Remove the oil filler cap located on the top of your engine to add oil. Overfilling the engine with oil can be detrimental to its health. You should only add a small amount at a given time. Add about half a gallon. A funnel is a good idea to avoid spills. Give the dipstick a rest for a few minutes before checking again. Add the remaining quart if the level is not close to the minimum mark. You will rarely need more than one quart unless your engine is burning oil or leaking. If you do need to add a second quart, make sure you check it as you go.

Securely screw the oil filler cap on, and you are done.

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