Engine Oil

How to Change Oil

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can do for your vehicle is to change your engine oil. Your vehicle’s oil is vital. It must be changed regularly. Engine oil is a fluid that lubricates your engine and absorbs heat. It allows all moving parts to function properly together.

The heat eventually breaks down oil and reduces its lubricating qualities. The engine’s acidity is neutralized by oil, but it will eventually break down. Oil can absorb small amounts of water, dust, and other combustion byproducts from your engine. The oil’s ability to absorb heat and other materials can be reduced, and oils may become less effective. This can lead to major maintenance issues.

Your engine’s oil is like our blood. Our bodies replace our blood automatically, so we don’t have to change it. The body pumps blood to ensure that all parts of our bodies work properly. If an area of the body isn’t receiving blood, it will shut down. The same goes for an engine that doesn’t get enough oil or is too old to lubricate well. This will cause it to stop running smoothly.

One of the most important preventative actions for auto maintenance is to check your engine oil. We’ll discuss how to check your oil’s clarity on the next page.

Oil Clarity

It’s easy to check the oil’s clarity to determine how far you are from an oil change if you don’t remember. It’s like cleaning a carpet. You can see the water changing from clear to brown as you clean the carpet. The water becomes dirty and must be changed after a while. While checking the oil’s clarity may not be an exact science, it can help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

The engine’s oil absorbs heat and lubricates metal parts that might otherwise be clogged. The oil pump circulates oil through your engine, and the oil filter captures any deposits. An oil filter keeps the oil clean and performs its maintenance. As the oil becomes elder, the amount of oil deposits increases and the filter cannot remove all of it. When the oil’s colour changes, the filter should change.

Let the car run for a while to check the oil’s clarity. Then turn it off. Pull out your oil dipstick and inspect the oil level and colour. As in Coca-Cola, your oil should be changed if it is dark-browned or black. If the oil appears lighter than a cup of tea or a dark-brown colour, it is time to change it. It’s a simple and quick way to maintain your car. Don’t be afraid.

It’s important to change your engine’s oil immediately if you see that it is clear. This basic maintenance can have serious consequences for your engine if you wait too long.


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