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How Do You Use Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are the compounds that are majorly formulated to enhance the efficiency and quality of fuels that are used in various automotive. They uplift fuel octane, act as lubricants and corrosion inhibitors hence facilitating higher compression ratios for greater power and efficiency. Well, they help in avoiding weak acceleration, rough idling, stalling, and stumbling.

These fuel additives are available in various forms such as pill, powder or liquid. Apparently irrespective of the form which they are found its ultimate goal is to:

– Act as a biocide

– Remove sludge

– Improve combustion

– Control soot

Fuel additives can be formulated to work with diesel fuels as well as gasoline. It helps in minimizing corrosion within the engine to ease the stress on the Pistons. They can is divided as per their point of application such as -refinery products, distribution system products, and automotive enhancement products.

Why Fuel additives

There are lots of reasons why you need to add some fuel additives to your vehicle fuel tank. They will bring a difference depending on various factors. Therefore by adding fuel additives, it is beneficiary because of the following reasons:

1. It boosts octane levels

Fuel additives are popular because of boosting octane levels. When they are added In the tank they will improve engine performance in terms of efficiency and acceleration.

2. It helps in engine maintenance

Engine maintenance is one of the most productive reasons why you need fuel additives. They promote a healthy engine by preventing the build-up of trace deposits, acting as a lubricant and preventing corrosion. If your car is older you need not worry because fuel additives will reduce carbon levels in the engine valves, clean up fuel injection process and promote even burning of fuel in the combustion chamber.

3. Helps you save money and maximize mileage

Fuel additives help you in saving money because it helps in the utilization of fuel. There will be no fuel that will be wasted as a result of incomplete combustion.

How do you use Fuel additives

Using fuel additives is pretty simple.All you need to do is to identify the type of fuel additive that you need depending on the problem that you need to solve. Once you have done that you need to add the fuel additive into the gas tank of your car and you will get to see the results.

How do fuel cleaners work

Gasoline tends to leave various contaminants in the gas tank. This contaminant will accumulate with time around your pressure regulator, in the fuel lines and at the bottom of your fuel tank. Well, ethanol and carbon are the two leading causes of the deposition in the fuel tanks. The accumulation of this deposit will lead to the poor economization of fuel and poor performance of the engine. Therefore that is why you will require fuel cleaners. Well, fuel cleaners should be used regularly to prevent the formation of deposit and to remove the ones which are already in the system.

Fuel cleaners clean the entire fuel system of a gas-powered vehicle. They clean up fuel injectors, combustion Chambers, carburetors, and intake valves. It helps in dissolving carbon deposits and fuel residue this restoring the lost power and improves the overall performance.

What makes the best fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injector cleaners address fuel injection problems like clogging which can be fixed when cleaned regularly. A good fuel injector cleaner is a red line fuel cleaner that ensures the engine functions optimally. A good fuel injector cleaner is the one that is formulated to use synthetic lubricants because it offers efficiency after cleaning.

Therefore the best Fuel injector should be able to cut down maintenance frequency and improve the overall performance of the engine. Well, you can know if you have a clogged fuel injector which requires cleaning when you feel it’s like your engine doesn’t want to start or you have issues with fuel economy.


Redline synthetic products are the best for improved performance. They offer various products which include fuel injector cleaners. It is your responsibility as a car owner to service your vehicle regularly so that it can save you some maintenance costs. If you become negligent you will realize you will be spending more money fueling your car because of clogged valves and poor combustion of fuel.

Additionally, as we have seen fuel additives also boost the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. Even older vehicles can work better if you choose to use such products. They are readily available in the market all you need to do is to be precise with your car needs.

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