With a commitment to excellence and quality performance from day one, the Red Line Story is one of a motorcycle racer and a chemical engineer who had a great idea. It is the story of more than twenty years of hard work and a commitment to achieve a dream.

In 1976 a TV Broadcast engineer, Tim Kerrigan met a chemical engineer named Peter Filice. Kerrigan was an avid motorcycle racer who had become hooked on the synthetic lubricants Filice developed because of how they dramatically improved the performance of his bike. Finding the synthetics to be so good, Tim started a business selling them to other motorcycle racers. The rest, as they say, is history.

With motorsports as the company’s initial product, the promotional tool Red Line now holds the most diverse line of racing lubricants in the industry with the familiar sticker, instantly recognizable to any race fan.

Since inception, Red Line Oils has grown to become one of the most successful oil company’s used by competitors in all types of motorsports, professional and amateur, all over the world.