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Forbes Top Rated Car Engine Oil: Mobil1 Extended Performance

Engine oil is the lifeline for an engine. The engine oil is the engine’s blood, protecting it from harsh environments. The engine oil not only lubricates all moving parts but also helps to prevent sludge or carbon buildup. Result? This extends the engine’s life. It is important to choose the right engine oil. A simple oil change every other month will help you avoid costly repairs. Today, we will be discussing the Mobil 1 Extended Performance engine oil that Forbes Wheels rated the best.

Why Choose Mobil 1 Extended Performance?

There are many manufacturers who produce fully synthetic engine oils on the market. The Mobil 1 stands out in this category.

  • Mobil 1 2021 is known for its well-judged detergent qualities and lubricating properties.
  • It is available in many high-performance engines because of its composition.
  • This engine oil can last for more than 18,000 kms if it is properly maintained. If the driver drives in optimal conditions.
  • Performance at both low and high temperatures is better
  • Higher viscosity index means better lubrication.
  • Reduced evaporative loss
  • This reduces the effort the engine must put in and gives you a little more power.
Pros Of Mobil 1:
  1. Years of reliable performance
  2. Low maintenance costs are possible with extended service intervals
  3. Factory recommendation

Service at GoMechainc

GoMehchanic treats your car as if it were our own. We put extra effort to ensure that the service is top-notch. GoMechanic only uses OEM and OES genuine spare parts, and high quality consumables such as engine oil, to keep your car in its original condition. Mobil 1 Extended Performance is a fully synthetic engine oil that will keep your car running long.

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