Five Must-Have Car Accessories You Don’t Want to Live Without

For most people, cars are more than vehicles. Cars are also our fashion statement and second home. We spend 3-4 hours each day in them. How can we make our cars more convenient and comfortable while on the go? Car accessories are the answer. There are many cheap but useful accessories on the market. Which one should you buy?

You must have a car accessory 1: a mobile charger.

Even while driving in a car, we can’t live with our smartphones. Our mobiles make our lives so much easier, whether we’re using Google Maps to navigate or Bluetooth streaming songs. The battery life is also affected. Mobile chargers are, therefore, one of the essential car accessories. You should ensure that you only purchase a trusted brand charger with a minimum output voltage of 2 amps. This will ensure that your phone charges quickly.

Accessory 2: A Portable Tyre Inflator

The second must-have accessory for your car is a device that we rarely use but can save us from an unpleasant situation. A punctured tubeless tire can be easily repaired, and then a portable inflator can inflate it by connecting to the car’s power outlet. A reliable inflator can fill a flat tire in 10-15 minutes. You can also bypass long lines at the filling station by checking/filling air in your car tires at home.

Car Perfume is a must-have accessory.

Cars that smell good will feel good. For Rs 500-600, you can buy a car perfume or car freshener to remove bad smells and unpleasant odors from your car’s interior. These products are easy to find and make other people notice your car when they enter it.

Mobile / GPS Holder is a must-have accessory for your car.

As we have already stated, mobile phones are increasingly used for many functions such as music listening and navigation. Although we do not recommend using your phone while driving, you can still glance at it occasionally by using a mobile holder. There are many types of mobile holders on the market. Some magnetic holders can be mounted on the windscreen or into the air-con vents, and magnetic holders can be attached to the dashboard.

Pepper Spray is a must-have accessory for your car.

Finally, a pepper spray can is an essential car accessory. Don’t think that pepper spray is only for women. These cans are useful in emergencies and self-defense for those who do not want to be hurt. These cans should be kept in your door pocket. These cans are affordable at Rs 200-300 and can be easily carried outside.

Other useful car accessories

You can also purchase a set of sunblinds. But remember that even sun blinds are against the law. These are often used in India because Indian summers can be scorching hot. The next accessory for your car is a special charcloth. These can attract dust particles and can also catch any hot coffee that has escaped from the cup holders. A torch and tow hooks are also useful for long journeys. The tow hook can be used to pull another car. The torch is another example of this. These things are invaluable when you need them.

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