Engine Oil

Engine Oil To Improve Mileage And Performance

The engine oil is vital for your vehicle. It is equally important that you choose the right engine oil for your bike and car. Many people are confused about engine oil. There are many options available. You can choose from different types of engine oils for cars. This will increase the engine’s life and give you more mileage.

Engine oil is not only used to lubricate the engine, but it also regulates its temperature, so that engine parts don’t get damaged by high heat. We will tell you about the different engine oils for cars and bikes and why they are used.

Conventional engine oil

Natural or mineral engine oils are also known as conventional engine oil. These oil products are made from complete petroleum products. This engine oil is made from crude oil taken from the ocean floor. In a petroleum refinery, engine oil is separated from crude oils. This is where anti-foaming and additives like zinc, phosphorous, and sulfur malic acids are added. These additives decrease friction and oxidation among engine parts.

Conventional engine oils are cheaper but have some drawbacks. Although engine oils can be economical, they are not long-lasting and cannot keep your engine safe. These engine oils, naturally found in nature, require less frequent oil changes. It doesn’t mean that you should not change it often. The engine is completely safe with conventional engine oils, rather than needing to be changed every so often.

Semi-Synthetic Engine oil

Although ordinary engine oil is cheaper than synthetic oil but has a lower performance than synthetic oil, it is still more affordable than synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic engine oils were created to balance the needs of synthetic and mineral engine oils.

Semi-synthetic oil is made from mineral oil and synthetic oil up to 30%. It’s better than regular oil, and it also reduces costs for customers.

Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Full synthetic engine oil (FSO) is a new type of engine oil. The benefits of using it are great. Full synthetic oils can be chemically produced entirely in a laboratory or factory, making them easy to control. Full synthetic oils can be more refined and better suited for vehicle engines.

These engine oils are, however, the most expensive. Synthetic engine oils last longer than other types. This reduces friction between the engine’s parts, extends engine life and lowers maintenance costs.

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High Mileage Oil

High-mileage oil can be enriched with additives that increase the vehicle’s mileage. This engine oil reduces evaporation and improves engine performance. These oils are useful for vehicles that travel long distances. High-mileage oil is a good option if you drive your bike or car a lot.


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