Audi Oil Consumption

Engine Oil

How do I fix my Audi oil consumption?
The best thing to do to your Audi oil consumption would be to replace some parts when the car gets old. The valve guide seals is a good place to start as it is not that hard to find new ones. However, it is a totally different story when we are talking about Audi. Audi parts are pretty hard to find so we must go to where you bought the car. That is where you will find original parts as it would not be smart to go for parts that came from unreliable sources.


Why does my Audi burn oil?
Burning oil in almost all Audi cars is pretty normal, stated Audi service Melbourne. Of course, it would still depend on how you use the automobile. The outside temperature will also play a factor in burning oil. Good thing, Audi has fixed this problem back in 2009. If you are experiencing this with any of their vehicles, better tell it to them so they will give a logical explanation. It is unfair to experience something like that since you paid a lot of money for the car. On the other hand, if you are driving through unsafe conditions like slippery roads or uphill climbs, then you have no right to complain about burning oil as the vehicle is adjusting to that. Yes, you would want to get your money’s worth for the car. Audi is a well-known manufacturer and they make sure all their cars perform up to expectations. Therefore, burning oil is not something you must worry about when you experience it with their cars.

What is normal oil consumption?
For every 1,500 miles, consuming a quart of oil is considered normal. There are some manufacturers that consider consuming the same amount of oil in 1,000 miles also acceptable. The bottom line is you must never forget to have your oil checked when you see that you have ran at least a thousand miles, You may need to have the oil replaces especially when you are driving a luxurious Audi automobile. It won’t take long to do it anyway and you are going to rest easy knowing the problem has been taken care of until the next time you would need to do it.

What causes excessive engine oil consumption?
There are a lot of things that causes high Audi oil consumption. The first is the interval between oil changes. If you have a service manual, you know you must take your vehicle to have the oil changed every 5,000 miles. If it is a lot farther than that before you do something, then you know that you are not doing it right. High ring float conditions is another thing that could cause high oil consumption. Whatever the cause may be, you must have your vehicle checked so that you will be able to correct it. Consuming a high amount of oil is never good for your vehicle. It won’t be long before you would need to have the oil changed again.

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