About us

Welcome to Red Line Oil Limited, an Australian based oil producer and explorer with operations in Australia and the USA. Red Line Oil’s operations are focused on some of the most productive oil basins in these countries.

Red Line Oil Ltd is a high margin oil-condensate producer with major project growth potential across a range of new energy opportunities.

The company has production in the Gulf Coast, Texas and is an active explorer in the Gulf Coast and the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. In Australia, Red Line Oil is exploring in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia, and the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in Queensland and South Australia.

A wholly-owned subsidiary, Kingston Energy Pty Ltd, holds exploration licenses covering the Kingston and Lochaber coal deposits in southeastern South Australia.

Red Line Oil has approximately nine percent shareholding in Comet Ridge Limited. This provides the company with exposure to coal seam oil exploration and technology, as well as additional oil exploration and appraisal in both Australia and the USA.

Established US Production – Outstanding Growth Potential

Production from 10 wells in the US onshore Gulf Coast region delivered 3.33 Bcf of gas and 82,000 barrels of oil-condensate to Red Line Oil in the year to 30 June 2009.

The Company also holds the right to participate in onshore Gulf Coast exploration prospects with 200 Bcf gas potential to Strike.

Coal Seam Gas – Major Production Potential

The Southern Cooper Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Project in South Australia covers extensive thick coals with a total project Prospective Resource of 7,000 to 19,000 Petajoules gas-in-place (independently confirmed; Red Line Oil as operator holds a 66.7% interest).

The Southern Cooper Project presents rare near term CSG production potential with the nearby “open access” Moomba to Adelaide gas pipeline providing potential for immediate access to the key eastern Australian gas markets.

Carnarvon Basin – Conventional Oil

The Baniyas Prospect provides a conventional oil exploration opportunity with potential for 9 to 47 million barrels of oil equivalent (Red Line Oil as Operator holds a 40% interest).
The prospect is one of the best undrilled oil targets within a hydrocarbon prolific sector of the shallow water Carnarvon Basin. The Company is evaluating further opportunities to increase its exposure to shallow water/lower cost oil exploration targets in the region.

“FuturGas” – Coal Gasification/Coal to Liquids

The FuturGas Project holds major new energy project potential based upon the Company’s shallow, 578 million tonne coal resource near Kingston, South Australia (100% Strike).

Successful and comprehensive coal gasification testwork has created a range of large scale new energy opportunities (coal to gas, coal to liquids and power generation) as potential development options.

Founded in 1997, Strike Oil has been trading on the Australian Securities Exchange since 2004. Red Line Oil’s office is located in Perth, Western Australia. To find out more about the company and our activities select one of the options at the top of the page or view recent releases listed at right.

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