4 Best Automotive Marketing Strategies for Modern Buyers

Online shopping is becoming more popular among car buyers. These car dealership marketing techniques will help you gain new customers and get your dealership found.

Digital and online marketing ideas should be incorporated into car dealership marketing strategies to meet customer needs

It’s not the same as it used to. Once you could rely on a steady stream of potential car purchasers after a few ads, now consumers play a more active role in the buying process. Your sales team is no longer the only one doing all the talking.

Before they take any action, they will do their own research online. Updating your automotive marketing strategy–specifically your automotive digital marketing strategy–is the best way to guide consumers to your dealership.

Why online automotive marketing is important
Web-based interactions have affected nearly every industry. However, potential car buyers are increasingly turning to the Internet to make the best possible purchasing decisions. Automotive is one of the six industries in which online research and reviews are used to inform most offline purchases.

You can be found by local shoppers, who are looking to buy new or used vehicles, if you focus on online automotive marketing. Only 8% of buyers who buy used cars rely on the salespeople in your dealership for their decisions. The information found online is largely what influences the other 92%.

In the future, we may also see car sales online. As of now, 54% Americans prefer to buy a car from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. This means that car dealers need to start catering to customers who are looking for convenience.

You can increase your conversion rate by spending more time on your online marketing strategy.

4 best automotive marketing strategies
Automotive marketers need to take their strategies online as well, given that many car buyers begin their journeys on the internet. It’s not just another task to add to your list. Digital marketing offers a number of unique ways to promote your products and reach leads that you might not have previously been able to.

We’ve outlined our top four digital marketing strategies for automotive dealerships to help you market your dealership and increase sales.

1. Video Marketing
In the auto industry, video content is king. Many car buyers believe that seeing is believing. They need to see the entire look and feel of a car before they can imagine themselves driving it. Online video, whether you upload it to YouTube, share it on Facebook, or add it to your website can give your customers a unique experience. This will encourage them to make a purchase before they even leave their home.

Video has been proven to be effective in motivating consumers to act. Google’s research shows that more than 40% of car shoppers who watched videos about cars and trucks visited a dealership directly as a result. Your video will do most of the selling for you. You only need to make a final push.

The online videos that generate the best results for auto dealerships are those that highlight a vehicle’s design and main features. They may include videos of test drives, demonstrations of accessories, or even 360-degree virtual reality videos which immerse the viewer in the car environment.

This automotive marketing strategy is about proving that the cars you sell are as advertised and showing viewers, not telling them, why they will enjoy the vehicle.

2. Online review management
The trust in auto dealerships is steadily declining. Keeping up with online reputation management can help you attract more customers to your dealership. Responding to online reviews is a big part of it (even if you give professional responses to negative reviews) and working actively to increase your positive reviews.

Auto marketers should pay attention to Hs car removals reviews, as well as general review sites such Google and Facebook. These platforms are a destination for serious car buyers in Adelaide who will choose your dealership more if you have positive reviews. Online reviews can be just as effective as peer recommendations, but they can also reach thousands of customers at once.

Your customers will be invited to leave reviews on the platforms they care about when you combine your automotive marketing strategy and Hs car removals reviews. You can streamline your process as you receive more reviews.

3. Create a web experience that is user-friendly
To capture their attention, you need to create a website that is designed specifically for them. Your website must load quickly and be simple to navigate, regardless of whether consumers are using their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Search engine optimization (SEO), should be considered when designing your website. You can help car buyers by inserting keywords in your blog and website copy. This will not only allow you to rank higher on relevant terms but will also give you the answers you need. Consider the features that your audience may be searching for, such as “best fuel economy” or “best luxurious cars” depending on their target audience.

Local SEO should be considered when developing a user focused SEO strategy. A complete Google My Business listing is important because car buyers are likely to search for local dealers. Get our local SEO check list to make sure your listing is optimized for nearby buyers.

You can add Google Pay-per-Click (PPC), in addition to organic SEO campaigns, to your automotive marketing strategies. Google offers an ad model called Model Automotive, which is specifically designed to target car shoppers and increase engagement by 30%. These ads will propel your business to the top of the search results for the keywords that you are targeting and help you generate more leads.

4. SMS Marketing
As 80% of Australians have smartphones, and mobile devices account for the majority of online traffic, you can get ahead of your competition by catering to their needs. The average open rate of all text message campaigns is 82%. This is due to the fact that smartphone users spend many hours on their phone each day. You can reach potential customers using SMS marketing on a platform they are actively searching for.

68% of car buyers are open to talking online with dealers. Car buyers are willing to talk to experts, as long as they can do so at a time that is convenient for them. Your representatives can influence shoppers directly while they are still deciding on where to go.

Hs car removals allows you to combine the best features of SMS and live chat by adding a button on your website that will capture leads and allow you to continue the conversation via text. This powerful tool allows your dealership to build customer relationships and help shoppers progress through the customer journey.

Experiences that customers want to have
Your automotive marketing strategy should demonstrate to shoppers that you will lead them to an enjoyable car-buying experience. You can stand out in a crowded auto market by using modern marketing channels.

It is important to understand your target audience when developing a marketing strategy. Knowing your customer’s journey will help you reach them at the best time and on the most appropriate platform. This Ultimate Guide to is for Dealerships to update your strategy.

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